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DiviAI develops financial applications that blend machine learning, knowledge graphs and analytics to give asset managers and traders an edge. Our enterprise platform is designed for hedge funds, family offices, wealth managers, exchanges and fintech businesses.

The world’s information doubles every day, and no human can do more than skim the surface.

How many podcasts did you take in this week?

Signals from the crowd

Our SentiMetrics analyzer scrapes millions of podcasts—a feature unique to DiviAI—along with news articles, social media posts, audio and video worldwide, translating asset sentiment into a quantitative score. We blend automation with human curation to assure a high quality of information.

Quantitative + human dimensions

Pick an asset. How much insider trading is going on and in what price range? Who is doing the inside trading? And what is being said about it? DiviAI lets you connect far-flung realms of information to answer any query.

Competitive edge

Faster, more informed portfolio decisions

With DiviAI you can painlessly sift the information ocean to gain new insights, spot market inefficiencies and uncover  meaningful relationships—not only among assets, but also with market indicators and the rest of the world. We augment your existing systems and models, empowering you with data others don’t have.

Select asset

Choose your asset to compile all related data including news articles social media posts and podcasts and YouTube videos,  all in one place. We currently cover U.S. equities with more asset classes coming soon.


Decide how you would like to filter the information—sentiment analysis, fundamentals, technical indicators, executive profiles, —and translate into knowledge graphs so trends are instantly visible.

Simulate outcomes

Asset and portfolio simulations let you estimate the costs and risks of buy, sell and price decisions before you implement them. You can also run “what if?” scenarios to test new investment ideas and future scenarios.

In search of alpha

What’s the next big growth area in ESG or health care? Your search for value can now penetrate far beyond the analyses and sources everyone else relies upon. Machine learning helps you precision-target the opportunities that best fit your strategies.


Straightforward integration of data and applications

Our tools are designed to integrate with your existing systems via APIs, so data can easily flow into the platforms and models you already use. We package them as microservices that combine access to data with user-friendly graphical representations so you don’t need a developer in order to work with us. With that format, plus our documentation and support, you and your IT group can quickly get DiviAI up and running.

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Why DiviAI

A dynamic mix of talent, experience and purpose

DiviAI was founded with the vision of harnessing AI to transform investment research, and the expertise to realize that promise. Steeped both in technology and in investment management, our people operate with a keen understanding of what matters most to professional investors and traders.

All-star executive team

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs who each have more than 30 years of experience in building successful data infrastructure and analytics enterprises, joined with co-founders from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Thomson Reuters.

Top developers

Through intensive and highly focused  recruiting, we have built an international team of developers with deep expertise in IT, financial data and UX knowledge.

Ongoing evolution

Economic and industry forecasting  capabilities are already in our product development pipeline. We are also expanding our data coverage into additional asset classes starting with cryptocurrencies. To be notified for updates, click the ‘Join the Waitlist’ button below.


Assets to Discover

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